Working for Serna Media Inc. – Im going solo!

August 1st marks one of the more important dates in my life. After 11+ years of working for corporate America I am proud to announce that the next corporation I am working for is my own Serna Media Inc.

It’s an amazing rush and at the same time a bit sad as the last 18 months working for Greg Boser, Barbara Boser and Dax Herrera at WebGuerrilla has been nothing short of amazing. I am definitely proud of my accomplishments as an official WebGuerrilla team member. Greg and I will continue to work together on several development projects as he has agreed to become the first official Serna Media Inc. client.

I really want to thank all of the people who have been so supportive and welcoming over the last 18 months as I made my rounds at conferences. I really do feel that I have an extended family and I hope to continue to see you all at conferences.

I am looking forward now to a much more open schedule to take on work from all the creative people I have met at conferences, professionals that I know personally and visitors to this site. I am also very excited about launching several projects that I have been putting off due to lack of time.

Now its time to get to work! If I can be of service to you or someone you know feel free to:

Below are a few of the more popular requests that I get for development:

  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • PHP Development
  • Windows .Net (C#) Development
  • Windows Desktop Application Development
  • Data Aggregation (i.e. Multi-threaded scraping)
  • Browser Automation (i.e. Bots, Clickers)

This is an exciting time for me and I happy to finally say that I will be working for my own corporation as a freelance developer and internet consultant! The official coroporate site will be launching soon meanwhile if you have any questions you can find my contact info on my Contact Me page.

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  • Congrats Cesar! Sounds like an exciting time and you’ve got the best references possible. Will definitely forward the message.

    -- Rhea

  • Congratulations on taking a bold new step and on having your first client already! I’m sure your new company will have great success.

    -- Jeff Randall

  • Congratulations for taking that leap into the solo world! It’s a fun ride and I know you’ll do great! I wish you the best and will be sure to send people your way, Cesar! :)

    -- Tamar Weinberg

  • Wow Cesar! What a huge leap of faith! I just read about this on Greg’s blog… congrats to you and wishes for many, many happy and successful years working for yourself!

    I “took the leap” about 3 years ago and have never looked back with regret. I now have 6 people working under me and we are still growing.

    So, know that it can be done. :-)

    -- Matt Pellerin

  • Thank you Rhea!

    -- Cesar Serna

  • Thank you for the kind words Jeff!

    -- Cesar Serna

  • Thank you Tamar! Look forward to working with you again and appreciate any and all referrals! :)

    -- Cesar Serna

  • Thank you Matt! I look forward to passing on the same encouraging words to someone who has taken “the leap” three years from now.

    -- Cesar Serna

  • Can’t wait to see the work you do on my site… REALLY looking forward to working with you… YOU ARE SOOOO TALENTED! I will be sure to send many referrals your way.

    -- Beth Gilmore

  • Hey Cesar – Congratulations!! I know you will knock em dead. I realized that the short time we spent in Hawaii together that you were a pretty smart and talented guy. You will have to come to visit again and we can run up to the pill box again :-)

    -- Jeff in Hawaii

  • Congrats on your new venture. I’m sure you’ll succeed, Greg only surrounds himself with very capable people.

    -- Charles in Las Vegas

  • Hey Cesar, Many many congratulation to you for your new place and I am sure you will get success.

    -- Scottsdale Homes Sold Fast