ReadyHosting Sucks

Readyhosting a few years back used to be a great hosting company. I loved there $99 hosting deal with unlimited bandwidth. At the time I had several clients on there system and I told friends of mine to use them as well. At some point I think the owners sold out and instead of the quick phone support I became acustomed to I now had to wait for someone half way around the world to pick up the phone. No more first name basis, how’s business, etc…

So anyway to get to the point of this post. Here is a recent email exchange with there new tech support:



Can you please provide an email to send our updated SSL Certificate to?

The current SSL Certificate is about to expire and we have received a
new certificate from Verisign.

Account Domain: ***.com
Account Owner: ***

Cesar Serna


Hello Cesar,

Thank you for contacting Support.

Please send your updated SSL Certificate to e-mail address ‘’.

If you have any further questions, you can e-mail us seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

*** ***
Customer Support

Seems simple enough right? At this point I start thinking “Hey maybe I was to quick to judge… Maybe I was wrong about them after all…” WRONG!


Hello ***,

Attached is the SSL Certificate for the *** account.

Thank you for your help.
Cesar Serna

And here is the reply I get:

Hello Cesar,

Thank you for contacting Support.

I checked your e-mail and I was unable to view the attachement has it is encrypted. Hence, I suggest that you to send the attachment in the .jpg formart.

Please reply to this e-mail with the requested information, so that we can assist you further.

*** ***
Customer Support

Now unless there is some new way of installing SSL certs that I am not aware of using JPG’s this has to go down as one of the strangest replies I have recieved. Seriously a JPG? WOW… Wait a second… The SSL cert you sent seems to be encrypted it says… Really WOW what a concept…

This is just one more to add on to a long list over the years… I have simply lost all faith in this company… It used to be so great… I really dont know what to say to this… Time to pull the plug?

*** UPDATE ***
So I did some surfing and I guess I am not the only one receiving bad service from ReadyHosting:

  • Tons of ReadyHosting Complaints found here
  • A couple more ReadyHosting complaints here
  • And one last long list of ReadyHosting complaints
  • Anyone else experience bad ReadyHosting support or service?


    seanrox |


    I’m a longtime Readyhosting client, but the past 6months, ReadyHosting has become nearly impossible to even REACH.

    Today, my exchange is down, their chat is down and NOBODY at Readyhosting is answering a single phone.

    I’d ask you to send me a lead on a better hosting company with actualy customer support, but won’t be able to receive an email from you…


    Daver |

    Funny, I have thought the same thing since the new owners took over. I have moved almost all my sites off of Readyhosting over the past year and will move the last couple in the next month or so.

    Cesar Serna |

    I have been thinking lately about giving a try. I was able to get through to a tech person and ask a bunch of questions without having to sign up off of there homepage. All current development is in PHP or Windows Application so no need for hosting at the moment. When I set a new site up I will post who I used for .Net hosting.

    Good Luck!

    Cesar Serna |

    Yep! Its like night and day. Quality of service and technical support is non existant. I am glad I am out of there.

    Brian B |

    My site goes down about once a month now. Takes them a day to fix (and at least 45 minutes sitting on the phone waiting for tech support to pick up).

    It’s down for the second time this week now. Unbelievable. I plan on making a switch to another provider, but it’s so much work to move everything and get the whole site set up again.

    ReadyHosting SUCKS!!!

    Smiling Eyes Cindy |

    Well I am on here looking because I am trying to find out who owns Ready Hosting. They have caused me to loose my web site that needed to have the domain trasfered. I have been working with them since NOV. 07 and finally as of this week the man looked my domain and I can not get to it since they did not transfer it. I bet we used 30 emails and 20 chats and like someone above said no one answers the phone and if they do it still does not get handled so do not think becasue you speak with someone it will. It is best to take every thing you have and go somewhere else. I also have had ready hosting on the main web site for over 4 years. The one they just lost about 3 1/2 so as all know when you pay a web designer for that for all those years you get thousands of dollars raped up in it. Now in a matter of a few weeks GONE. Some one in their company should be accountable. Also they had the nerve to bill me for the domain (That they did not get transfered). Thank GOD that I already moved the largest corporation web site 2 months ago. Problem is I am sure that they will bill my card for the Primary Plan and the Resellers Plan and there is nothing there. If anyone knows of a AMERCIAN Ownered and operated RELIABLE Company please feel free to let me know. I would be grateful.

    Smiling Eyes Cindy ReadyHosting Really SUCKS

    Joe W. |

    This has to be the worst hosting company I’ve ever seen! As soon as I open a support ticket, they immediately close it with some BS excuse saying that the problem is with my app! And you never know what parts of the control panel will work on any given day.

    I was glad to see I’m not the only one pulling my hair out over having to deal with these guys.

    rumblepup |

    This company sux in so many ways it’s pitiful. I haven’t hosted there in two years, yet they keep trying to charge me for hosting.
    Their “Windows” hosting is cacabooty, pure crap invented on the fly hosting. No access to the database, so if you develop offline, you’ll never get your data up to the server.
    I remember one of the problems I had with there “technical” support. Since I had an app, I needed to make the images directory available to and network service so that I could upload images. Classic tech request, just grant the account and the network services account “modify” permissions.
    Tech support asked me, MY HAND ON MY HEART I SWEAR TO GOD, who are these accounts? How will they be logging in?

    Sam |

    This company flat out sucks! 5th graders can do a better job at support. Ryan is the manager at the highest level and he can’t give out his last name. Why? Becasue they know he will be harrased on how bad their service is. A one minute fix can take up to 24/48 hrs. Joke! We have 2 clients stuck with this platform because cart32 was the choice back in the days. We left this company 5 years ago and moved to maximumasp. They are the best company we have ever dealt with to this day. Thye overload the servers with as many people as they can and concetions seem to go down all of the time. Readyhosting is the worst company I have ever dealt with.

    Cathi |

    I have been using Readyhosting for over 5 yrs, i recently cancelled one of the accounts yet they still billed by cc for almost $400, after 20 days they still do not seem capable of getting that charge refunded to my acct. I keep getting the same bs run around everytime, “Our Senior billing specialist is working on it”. This is a charge that should have never been processed in the first place. In addition to their grappy server, customer service reps that can’t even speak flippin english, they are now just down right ripping people off! If your looking for a hosting company, avoid this one by all means!!!!

    Joe |

    I agree with all of you. READYHOSTING SUCKS, SUCKS, AND SUCKS. I’m in the process of transferring all of my client’s domains from my reseller account and can not wait until I’m completely removed from their system. I have spent days on online chats and phone calls in the past year trying to resolve numerous issues with them ranging from technical to billing. If you are thinking of opening a hosting account with ReadyHosting, do yourself a favor and just shoot yourself in the head! I think it would be a lot less painful. Okay I feel a little better now, at least until I start a new chat session in a few minutes with an overseas ReadyHosting unqualified representative.

    Misty |

    I just got off of the phone with Readyhosting Support, regarding a site that is not a secure site, but a secure login keeps popping up for users requiring an ID and Password. It’s been going on intermittently for 2 weeks not. If it’s not happening at the exact moment I call, they tell me there are no issues and the site is fine, and they close the ticket. I spent last week trying to expain to the Tech what Domain Guard is and that I am not supposed to be charged for domain names that have it. She told me I was wrong. I insisted I speak with her manager. I finally got so mad I hung up before I blew a gasket. I called back the next day and actually got someone who knew what it was and they credited my account. I am looking for a new hosting service for my 12 reseller customers. This is it. Were did you move your sites? Thank you : )

    homer |

    Today is the 3rd time this month my site has gone down. For the past 4 years i never had any issues and was able to talk to someone if i did have an issue. In the past 10-12 months, my site has gone down at least 8 times upwards of 4 days with no answers to my inquiries. I have found that my site is over in capacity and then the next I am barely over 20% of disk space.

    The funny thing is that today, the readyhosting website is not available for me to get a phone number and complain that my site is down again.

    What a shithole company that used to be great and I directed alot of clients to sign up with them.

    Feeling rather foolish today

    Shimon |

    Today is October 13th. Readyhosting is DOWN DOWN DOWN – no phone, no web site – nothing. Either they’ve had a power failure, or they’ve fired EVERYBODY.

    But yes, their up-time has diminished for my web site and their e-mail web interface (Horde) is wildly inconsistent.

    Todd |

    Agreed. I have had many sites with Readyhosting as a reseller, and am in the process of transferring them all away. I’ve found GoDaddy to be reasonable in terms of ease to work with, price, and plans/services (they are not great, mind you, but who still standing IS????)

    Josue Rodriguez |

    This is about the only company I know of that they seem to disconnect their Customer Support phones while sleeping or something. It seems impossible to get in contact with their Sales or Support phone lines, website is always down and we are not able to update any of our website contents. If anyone knows of a similar hosting company that offers the Site Deluxe besides Earthlink, please let me know. Im ready to move out about 20 of my clients out of this junk hosting company.

    thomas dreher |

    I have hosted my domain at readyhosting for more than 5 years. In the beginning readyhosting had difficulties with even basic tasks like having a stable email infrastructure. Service had improved, but prices for web hosting has gone up, and I have decided to move on. I gave them plenty of notice and I did get a confirmation that my account would be closed and not renewed. But despite that confirmation, my credit card had been charged. Readyhosting did refund the amount, but I am out of pocket now for differences in exchange rates and foreign transaction fees. I would advise that you make sure that your credit card account


    They lost all of my files a week ago, and I have spent over 6 hours with 2 different supervisors since then & nothing is resolved – if I can please find out who the CEO or President is & a phone number then I wil verbally rip his/her MOFO-ing GD head off.

    Josue Rodriguez |

    Extremely bad experience with About 4 years ago they were great, but the last 2 years it became the worst nightmare for me and 24 clients of ours. Simple issues could not get resolved such as:

    – Site Delux is always down and running mega slow

    – Their phone lines are always busy and there is a busy tone. Phones do go thru. Our clients had concern about that, as many of them won’t Chat for support.

    – Their Chat support staff for related Site Deluxe issues follow a system of responses for everyone. Basically 3 steps they use for all issues: 1. May I place you on hold, 2. We are experiencing issues with our system. 3. I have forwarded your issue to a tech support specialist. So basically they just create tons of Support Tickets which then post on your Account Support and you have to basically go screw yourself and wait days or weeks for those BIMBOOS to fix the never ending problem. They don’t really fix crap! Their system keeps getting worst every month as I still hear.

    – I recently pulled out of their business 18 of my clients. In other words, they lost 18 clients in one week and they will continue to loose as many as other 11 I still have which are about to be moved to a more reliable and better supported company.

    ReadyHosting has lots of slow issues and I will suggest anyone interested on wanting to register a web hosting account to consider NOT going with The amount of money you pay for their crappy and unreliable support is not worth it.


    G Meiner |

    My experience of late with ReadyHosting has me ready to switch to another hosting company. They changed some parameters on the FTP site I use to update my website so now it is more secure but I can not log into it myself (even though their “control panel” verifies that my accounts are active and I have the correct password). Support has been a total waste of time and networking to someone who reportedly is the VP of Support and his promise of escaleting my issue to his Manager, has accomplished nothing in over one weeks time.

    I was going to host with GoDaddy, how is the experience moving your site to this hoster? Anyone recommend another hosting company?

    John Larson |

    I started with them 6 or seven years ago and toady I find out that they changed their policy of renewing your domain for free as long as your host with them. Consequently, I have now lost my daughters domain and they are telling me that ICANN is holding it hostage for $160. This is really ridiculous. It is like they don’t acknowledge that there are other options out there…..

    I am done!

    Ken |

    wow I was on life time free domain name…with hosting.

    they were quick to bill my credit card for the hosting fee, but let my domain name lapse!!!!!

    Now they want $160 to renew my domain name they can kiss my a$$ I will now be forced to sue for losses and damages.

    Everyone be warned find a good company.

    Rolando |

    This isn’t about, but it seems my current host is heading down the SAME path! Recently WebHost4Life has apparently *changed platforms* although it seems like they got bought out. Support sucks, and after 3 months, the can’t even figure out a problem I have, which worked quite well on their *old* platform.

    I have my own VPS right now and it’s great, but I wish I had someone to share the costs.

    PaiaGirl |

    I have spent hours and hours with tech support ever since one of their clueless tech guys tried to block a malicious IP and ended up blocking EVERY SINGLE IP IN THE WORLD from accessing my client’s website.

    “It will be fixed in an hour” 4 times now.

    Dude, it is NOT fixed.

    I am astounded at the incompetence and lack of follow through

    PaiaGirl |

    For the guy asking about godaddy hosting, I advise no. They don’t have cpanel. Other companies I’ve used are Hostgator (good) Justhost (seem somewhat squirrley and forget support – it doesn’t exist) and HostingMatters which I think is the best. Readyhosting TOTALLY SUCKS.

    Mikhail Portnov |

    I have been using Readyhosting for years. At the beginning it used to be a good service. 2 Years ago I started to move my web sites to other hosting services because of Readyhosting not supporting latest versions of Drupal. Still, some web sites with low traffic I was hosting there.

    For the last 6-7 months the off time suddenly grew up to 30-40%. My resources became unavailable right when I need them. And I need them when I teach online classes.

    The support is practically non-existent. It takes at least 30-40 minutes to get a human being on the phone. Then it takes another 10-15 minutes to understand that the web site is off. Then they probably restart the server and website becomes available only to go off again within several hours. They totally ignore my request to do something with the problem. They are sabotaging the support request.

    Readyhosting is the worst possible hosting service, IMHO.