Profitably survey your email list using HotJar

Every now and again, it’s good to check in on the email list and ask them what they want more of…

I have been using a great service called HotJar to handle survey’s for me, plus they do so much more…

  • Heatmaps
  • Recordings
  • Funnel Metrics
  • Form Analytics
  • Polls
  • Surveys

They have awesome support and all of these services are offered at a great price.

Mind Mapping “The Plan”

Let’s take care of two things…

1.) Ask Them What They Want! ( how else will I know, if I don’t ask? )

2.) Give An Unexpected Gift / Special Offer ( your customers deserve it! )

The best way I have found to know what your list is interested in most, is simply by asking them.

Plus, since they are going through all the trouble of opening your email and answering your survey, I find that an un-announced, special gift or offer on the “thank you” page really makes a difference.

Here is what the overall plan looks like:

HotJar Survey Plan

Setting Up The HotJar Survey

I like keeping things super simple…

I ask TWO, yep, just TWO questions…

1.) I need more in depth ______________ ( training, examples, tutorials) in: ( Multiple Choice )

2.) What ______________ ( training, examples, tutorials ) do you want or need right now?: ( Long Text Answer )

At first glance, both questions look to be exactly the same, but they are not!

The first locks in the allowed responses to certain topics I have picked, I do enable a fourth “Other” option because every once in a while someone fills a new area of interest that may take me in a new direction.

The second question enables the person filling out the survey to share in their own words what they need specifically. This gives me a ton of insight into the level of the content I need to be creating for subscribers right now and what I should be creating further down the road.

Here is how the first question is setup in HotJar, notice the first question is required!

HotJar Survey - First Question

The second question is optional, but I find that it provides the most insight!

HotJar Survey - Question Two

Last but not least is the Thank You page that gives the special bonus or offer…

HotJar Survey - Thank You Setup

You can now preview your survey and it should look like this:

HotJar Survey - Form

Your Thank You page should look like this, I offered a free month, you can do that or give a free download, the point is, provide unexpected value!

Hotjar Survey - Thank You

The Email Template

Below is an example email I sent linking directly to the survey…

Subject: Quick Question….

Do you have two seconds?

We would like your response to just two questions in our annual survey…

I have included a Special Invite for you, made immediately available
after you answer just two questions.

Use this survey link please:

Will just take two seconds ( just two questions…)

Talk to you soon,
Cesar Serna

P.S. Reminder that a “Special Invite” will be made
available to you instantly, once you answer the two questions.

The Results…

The email was sent to 5,002 subscribers…

The survey received 459 SUPER VALUABLE responses… ( about 9% )

Which led to 48 signups ( about 10% of responders, or about 1% of total sent )

That totaled to about $1,392.00 increase in potential Monthly Recurring Revenue… ( some subscribed for the free 30 day trial and canceled… it happens! )

Take Aways…

1.) With the survey results, I can now determine what exactly subscribers need right now and begin to plan what needs to get done in the next week, month, quarter and year.

2.) Just because it’s a survey doesn’t mean you can’t make an offer.

If you don’t have an offer, or you are still building trust with your list, give them an unannounced bonus, gift, download, video or all of the above.

Don’t let subscribers leave without giving them something of value for their time.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions by posting in the comments below.


what do you think?