Pay Per Click Calculator Application on iTunes

I got my first application in the iTunes store! I figured I would start out simple with a Pay Per Click Calculator and called it PPC Calc. You can download it via iTunes or the App Store on your iPhone or Ipod Touch.

PPC Calc Pay Per Click Calculator for the iPhone and iPod Touch

How Does It Work?
Using simple sliders to control your Affiliate Payout, Cost Per Click, Conversion Percentage and Total Clicks you can quickly see if your Pay Per Click campaign is headed for major profit or major loss! You will get instant information on:

Campaign Spend – How much you will be out of pocket
Break Even Units – How many conversions before you get your money back
Break Even Percentage
Converted – How many conversion with the current settings
Revenue – Gross Income
Profit – Net Income
ROI % – What is the Return on Investment?

Get PPC Calc!
If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch and access to the App Store you can download PPC Calc for only 99 cents!

Buy PPC Calc!

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