WordPress Plugin Maker

This plugin is made for developers or WordPress users who love Cut and Paste and hate FTP . If you have ever been in a pinch where you wanted to create a quick WordPress plugin to do something but didn’t have FTP info or weren’t at your terminal you can use this plugin to be a life saver.

What it does is take the minimum set of information to create a plugin and writes to your plugin directory an empty plugin template php file ready to be edited and activated online through the WordPress admin plugin editor.

Just drop the Plugin Maker into your plugins directory and know that next time you need to create or cut and paste a plugin to add to your WordPress collection you got it covered.

[ Download Plugin Maker v1.0 ]


  • I’ll keep this in mind next time i start a blog, THANKS!!

    -- Chris Vincent

  • Nice plugin, looks like a nice time saver! Thanks!

    -- John Kolbert

  • I am think about create a plugin last night and I think this plugin made my life easier (I don’t to have dirty hand on php coding this time). ^ ^

    -- n-blue

  • This is great, i know that situation all too well!


    -- Alex

  • Nice, something like this should be definetly built-in in WordPress.
    Do I see Facebook etc… killer here??? Well, probably not but nice alternative if we would simplify plug-in installation!

    -- Jukka-Pekka Keisala

  • Fun idea. I’d add a couple options like the ability to put the newly created plugin in its own subdirectory.

    Also, why not automatically fill most fields with blog URL & author’s name?

    -- Ozh

  • Nice effort, keep work on it.

    -- Diseño Web Chile

  • it looks like what? you didnt even tryit, you looked at a screenshot it on this website and decided it is a timesaver?

    -- dude

  • Do you feel big criticizing comments with out even leaving a name or URL?

    -- John Kolbert

  • I think anyone taking the time to develop plugins for WordPress is a good thing. I know from experience that even simple plugins can take quite a lot of development if you wish to create admin panels for options, and internationalize your plugin etc. WordPress is a great platform for general site development not just for blogging anymore – it is perfect for an entry level CMS. Also, I hear that WordPress 2.8 is out next month (March 2009), can’t wait!

    -- David Gwyer

  • Cesar, thanks for the plugin.

    But when I click on Plugins > Plugin Maker, enter all the information, and click on “Submit Query”, I see a page saying “Are you sure you want to do this?”. But there are no options to say yes or no. I’m using FF 3.5.3 on Windows XP SP3. Web server is localhost IIS 5.1 running PHP 5.2.9.

    Can you help?

    And by the way the download link for this plugin is not working (SEO error), so I downloaded it from here (http://jaypeeonline.net/wordpress-plugins/wordpress-plugin-maker) instead.

    -- Ray

  • Trying to download the plugin but getting an All-In-One_SEO plugin error.

    -- Christian

  • Very cool. I can’t think of a use for it of the top of my head but I know I will.


    -- Rose

  • That’s actually an awesome idea for a plugin.

    -- Stumblerum

  • Omg this looks rediculous 🙂 I often have a ready template with the necessary folders and defined classes and initialization hooks. What? FTP? C’mon guys, you can’t be serious, do you really develop new plugins remotely using the WordPress editor? How #geek is that? Stop playing around and get yourself a local webserver 😉

    ~ K.

    -- Konstantin

  • Can you provide more information on other wordpress plugins, or do you have some resources you can share with us where we can find such useful stuff? Thanks.

    -- free plugins

  • Good i hope this plugin always work on new wordpress version
    i go to test it thanks 🙂

    -- Mobi

  • I use WP 2.92 and it isn’t working for me!
    All I get is “Do you really want to do this?” w/o the possibility to say yes or no!

    -- Mikael

  • I meant I get “Are you sure you want to do this?” w/o having the possibilty to say yes or no!
    Is it because of the WP version? Or is it me?
    I’d appreciate any help!


    -- Mikael

  • True enough it does what it’s supposed to do but it makes clients think all we do as developers is just download some program and voila – presto – a plugin shoots out. In truth this should be called a “Basic, Simple Plugin Starter” since all it really does is create a new PHP file (easy to do) an put the plugin header in. No real coding, no functions, no filters, no callbacks. The result is simply the most rudimentary step in creating a plugin. That, however, it does well.

    -- thekencook

  • To fix the issue with the “Are you sure you want to do this” message


    pluginmaker_nonce_field(‘$pluginmaker_nonce’, $pluginmaker_nonce);


    wp_nonce_field(‘$pluginmaker_nonce’, $pluginmaker_nonce);

    inside of wp-content/plugins/pluginmaker/pluginmaker.php

    -- Chris

  • I’m thinking of getting into creating wp plugins.
    I’m going to give this program (plugin) a try.
    Thanks for making it available!

    -- Jon