How To Find Your Audience On Twitter

Tweet, tweet, tweet… but no results…

How do I find my audience on twitter?

Just a bunch of people randomly posting their thoughts…

Wait… Interesting…

A lot of talking, but who’s listening?

If you are, then you or your business could benefit, dare I even say, even profit?

Why you should love to listen to tweets!

Because very few people are listening to other’s specific pain points or successes…

“What do you mean?” you say, “I stare at my screen and see a bunch of stuff fly by all day!”…

Yes, I get it, you “think” you are listening, even participating by posting, but you really are not doing nothing more than adding to the pile of tweets cluttering the net…

Be “THAT” Person or Business who provides value

Here are few simple steps to help you get started:

1.) Be Specific – Know who you are targeting, the more exact you are with the people on twitter you are trying to reach the better. Take time to pinpoint the exact trait, question or pain point of the people you want to help.

2.) Be Consistent – You want results? Don’t quit, even when you will inevitably be rejected or hazed, be consistent with providing value. Sure your strategy may need to be adjusted from time to time, that’s not what I am talking about, if you are going to build an audience who will trust you and accept you as an authority, you are going to have to prove, OVER TIME, that you are worthy of that trust!

3.) Be Congruent – Keep the promises you make, the value you provide must be congruent with the need/pain the user expressed.

Example: Finding The Haters!!!

Let’s identify the avatar!

WHO: Developers
WHAT: That hate using Crystal Reports
WHY: Because it’s not doing what they want

One of the projects I work on is a training site for “Crystal Reports”…

Being a developer, I know how frustrating software can be…

Developers who use Crystal Reports find themselves at some point saying “I hate Crystal Reports”…

So I do a twitter search for “I hate Crystal Reports”, notice I used quotes, this way I get an exact phrase match!


The results are AWESOME!!! There are some really frustrated developers working with Crystal Reports, take a look below…


Ok, Now What?

Now that we have confirmed a consistent stream of pain exist, we can begin to look for a Consistent Pain Point…

What is a Consistent Pain Point?

Outside of pure hatred in the example above, I continue to read through the list and take note of people that are complaining about something consistently. I am looking for items about formula creation, accounting reports, lack of documentation on a topic…

The Consistent Pain Point could be anything were a certain amount of people need you to help provide a solution or clarity for their pain…

Provide Value

By now you have found a Consistent Pain Point and can either help solve it or you need to get to work on creating a solution to help these people out…

Here are examples of solutions:

+ Free trial for training
+ Free Cheat Sheet
+ Free consulting call
+ Free blog post that shows the solution

You getting the picture?

But you say, “I don’t have all this stuff, it’s a lot of work, I don’t know how”…

Fine, I give you two options, the first is “GET TO WORK ON IT”, you stand to benefit from creating the course, video or content, because now you have created value that you can continue to provide others with time and again…

Still too busy? Ok, fine… Then go on the net and find a solution that someone else actually worked hard to make and didn’t make excuses about even though they are much busier than you… Sting a bit, yeah, it was meant to…

Look, it’s cool to link to other resources, ultimately, if you want to build your own brand or business, you want people coming to you, so get to work on creating value to earn trust and authority.

Here Are Examples

Great companies don’t become great, they are great when they start.


Evernote is something I started using this year, so I tweeted about just using it, not a big deal right? Guess who was listening? How do you think that makes me feel about using their software?


Lenny and Larry@lennyandlarrys

These cookies are out of this world, they have protein and are satisfying after a work out. So of course I decided to send out a simple tweet… Guess who was listening? They didn’t respond, but instead favorited and retweeted me to their followers and leveraged social currency to boost their brand, trust and authority…




Follow these steps:

1.) Find people who love/hate/need and give them greater value than they expected.

2.) If you don’t have the resources, create them else risk giving trust and authority away to another brand.

3.) Start now, great companies listen to their people from the start, they treat them like gold, you should too!

Hope this helps you, and if you have any questions or comments, post them below!!

what do you think?