Dollar a Day Challenge

Seems like a pretty small sum, a dollar a day. What can anyone do earning a dollar a day? In fact what can anyone buy anymore with a dollar a day?

If you are like most people your mind started down a very negative path asking yourself those questions. In my experience, most people begin to shut down and convince themselves that whatever can make you a dollar a day is not worth trying.

I want you to stop and realize that if you are not making any money online and if your goal is to make money online, you need to start with one dollar. Let me explain why...

The Mental Hurdle

When the picture of one dollar pops into your mind it doesn't stand a chance when you start thinking of fifty or one hundred thousand dollars in stacks. At that point, it is when self defeat begins. More importantly its at that point when different thinking needs to kick in.

Forget about the people making millions online. Sure there are several making millions, some are on tv or on conference panels. Odds are though that there are more people making several thousand dollars online that we dont even know about! Even though its not millions, several thousand is not to bad.

Now what if the people who are making several thousand dollars a day online decided one day "Well im not making millions so forget this!" Somehow I don't think that's very likely, in fact people who are making thousands can leverage what they know to make millions.

Wouldn't you agree that if I had a website that made $100,000 a year in revenue all I would need is 10 more like it to make a million?

Let me tell you it's the same exact process with that first dollar.

Wouldn't you agree that if I had a site making a dollar a day and on average making $30 a month. I would just need to make 10 more like it to increase my earnings to $300 a month? I went from $360 a year to $3600 a year!

Its the Process

How many people fail to do anything including making a dollar a day because they give up? What do you think the percentage is? 80%? 90%? Did you count the people who never even try? The ones that give up in their minds first before trying anything?

I know brilliant people who can tell me how to increase conversions and rank #1 in search engines. Sadly they are also masters at convincing themselves of what is impossible to do online.

To put it bluntly, you must go through the process, win or no win. You never fail until you decide to quit. Its always win or no win, like in sports. You live to play another day. The process of your idea is what is going to teach you everything you need to know. If you do not go through the process, all the books, all the blogs and all the videos will do nothing for you.

That's why it is so important that you start out with a simple goal. One dollar a day, no matter what. If you make more, like $20 great! But it doesn't mean you get to take the next 20 days off! The process of building your site, measuring traffic, building traffic and converting visitors to customers is the best educator in the world.

When you go through this process you begin to internalize all the little things you will never learn in school. You begin to make your own formula for success.

You ever wonder why you could never replicate someone elses money making idea? This is why, you didn't go through the process. You understood from what you could see. Visually and intellectually you understood what it took to have a great site. But you didn't go through the process and internally gain all the knowledge it took to create a successful revenue generating site.

Get Some Support

Support is key, especially when starting out. Friends and Family are usually obvious choices. More often than not they never understand what you are doing anyway. If you are lucky enough to get the support you need to push through and accomplish the dollar a day challenge with Family and Friends that is all you need.

Regardless of the source of support remember the following. Although most will have good intentions never listen to those who try to tell you that you can't make a dollar a day online. NEVER!

They may not agree with your process, your idea, your strategy or whatever. The bottom line is that you must go through the process in order to learn. Most people will try to save you time, but are they really helping? If you never make a mistake, how can you really learn?

That's why starting with a small amount a Dollar a Day is important. Its manageable and the strategies you will be driven to create will form the foundation of how you make money online.

ATTENTION: The Most Important RULES! - Read This!

The Dollar a Day challenge requires that you make your Daily Dollar without spending any money! That's right, zero dollars, euros, pesos, etc...

The second rule is that you give yourself a time line. I would not recommend anything longer than 30 days or anything shorter than a week.

Here are some more suggestions and resources:

Ask a ton of questions! No question is to dumb to ask! And if you still think its to dumb to ask then search for your question in Google. I am sure someone has already asked it. Seriously though, ask your questions here, I promise no question is to dumb to ask.

Keep some kind of journal to keep track of what worked and what didn't. It's surprising how quickly people forget what they have tried in the past and didn't work. Avoid repeating mistakes by writing down what you do and more importantly plan what you will do next!

Create a free site!
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Collect Money!
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Track Results!
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All the resources listed above is more than enough to make a Dollar a Day! Take the challenge, if for no other reason simply and selfishly for yourself.

Some of you are already making money, but are you making it consistently. For you it may not be a dollar, whatever the amount set a goal and make it consistently. Start exploring the questions you need to answer to create consistent cash flow.

If you decide to take the challenge keep us posted here by commenting below.


  • Good article , thanks!

    The hardest part of anything seems to be getting started.

    If you can find something that works to make a dollar a day it shouldn’t be difficult to clone that strategy into multiple dollars a day. Everything adds up over time.

    -- Sam

  • One of the best articles…thank you very much :))

    In my experience the first hardest part is to get started but the secod hardest part is getting traffic to your site (free traffic)…any suggestions??…i can’t figure out what to do in order to get good amount of visitors… :/

    -- Oren

  • I agree with this approach. It’s very intimidating place out here in the internet world with lots of shiny quarters! We all get distracted. I notice it a lot with my students in golf. They all want to start out hitting the driver and haven’t learned the basic motion of a pitch shot. Start small and go big. Nice article. Thanks!

    -- Heather

  • Thanks a lot man, though i have no website yet but i will create it, take the “A Dollar A Day” challenge, i will work hard to see myself at the top just like you because that’s where i belong. Thanks a billion times with this info. Its so cool and accepted.

    -- ElmJoe

  • I see you have listed PayPal as a potential source of income. How does that work? That’s just a payment gateway where you can accept payments from other people or your customers. But the main idea is not to invest any money right? So how would that work with PayPal?

    -- 1 Dollar Man