Development Services

Great developers are hard to find, right?

Well according to all these wonderful people and many more, you would be wasting money and time NOT hiring me for you development needs.

Corporations, small businesses and top affiliate marketers have trusted me for over 17 years with projects small and large and have been very kind to give me great reviews, recommendations and testimonials.

Here is what I can do for you:

iOS Game Development – Cocos2d and Box2d

You could be losing the one thing more precious than money by using overseas developers… TIME! Avoid language, time zone and communication problems and get your game in the App Store sooner rather than later.

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PHP and WordPress Plugin Development

Need a plugin for WordPress? I have to say the PHP/WordPress combo has got to be one of the best frameworks I have worked on in a long time. Just about anything you need for your site success can be written or integrated as a WordPress plugin. So far I have built Real Estate platforms, Search Engines, Online Communities and Affiliate Sites using WordPress.

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Scrapers, Bots, Clickers and Crawler Development

Social Networking tools, Data Aggregation (Scraping) and just about anything that you can do in a browser or get through the internet I can automate with a custom application. Clients typically will ask for an application that will perform very specific routines or scenarios based on certain factors. Automation can save a ton of time and provide quick results for what ever your need may be.

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.Net C# and Classic ASP

I support several clients on Classic ASP and have migrated many to .Net, PHP and WordPress.

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