How to stop / start / restart Gearman Server

How to stop, start and restart Gearman server via command line took me a bit to find, so I figured I would post it for future reference… First, know the path to gearmand and gearadmin, on my server it is:

How to STOP Gearman Server

How to START Gearman Server

Note: If […]

How to integrate Kiip ads into Cocos2d

Here is a quick example of how to integrate Kiip rewards into your Cocos2d game. If you have questions or updates, please post them in the comments below, thanks! Required: Kiip Account: Cocos2d: Kiip SDK: AppDelegate.h 1. Add #import <KiipSDK/KiipSDK.h> 2. Add KiipDelegate to the AppController interface

AppDelegate.m 1. Add Kiip […]

How to Integrate AppLovin rewarded video ads into Cocos2d

Here is a quick basic example of how to start showing rewarded video ads from AppLovin using Cocos2d 2.x. NOTE: This is just a base template, there are several bits to be improved like: + Handling auto load for next video + Handling prompting player after the video box is closed + Whatever you guys […]

MySQL SQL Cheat Sheet

While coding I tend to write or find great SQL scripts from around the web. Below will be a growing collection of SQL that I have found to be useful, time saving or hard to find. Mostly to save me from having to remember, search again for hours or dig through old bookmarks. If any […]

App Store Optimization with

Launched today at 360iDev conference in Denver Colorado! is an App Store keyword optimization tool that helps your app rank for highly searched terms within iTunes. So the question is, can I find your iPhone or iPad app when I search for it on iTunes? Without using your app title? What is App […]