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How to use trello to generate targeted blog posts

Blogging is a great way to generate traffic to a new site or even increase traffic to an existing site… Here is how to structure your blog using trello to maximize the attraction of visitors at all levels of interest. You Need Structure Blogging can get a bit out of control… Because you can write […]

How I fixed broken Twitter Card images generated from my WordPress posts

I found the one file to fix that kept my Twitter Card images from not showing when sharing posts from my WordPress blog. Here is how I fixed it..

htaccess rewrite rules for Laravel / Lumen and WordPress

Do you want to get Lumen or Laravel to play nice with WordPress? I did too… Below is how I got them to work together with just a few lines in the .htaccess files… NOTE: The code below is assuming you are installing WordPress in a blog sub-directory for example http://yourdomain.com/blog and have lumen or […]

Profitably survey your email list using HotJar

Every now and again, it’s good to check in on the email list and ask them what they want more of… I have been using a great service called HotJar to handle survey’s for me, plus they do so much more… Heatmaps Recordings Funnel Metrics Form Analytics Polls Surveys They have awesome support and all […]

How To Find Your Audience On Twitter

Tweet, tweet, tweet… but no results… How do I find my audience on twitter? Just a bunch of people randomly posting their thoughts… Wait… Interesting… A lot of talking, but who’s listening? If you are, then you or your business could benefit, dare I even say, even profit? Why you should love to listen to […]

How a RaspberryPi saved my dead 500gb Western Digital HD

So I had a 500gb Western Digital external hard drive that died… It had been going in an out for a few months and then finally just died, no blue ring, nothing… All of my backup data, including my entire MP3 collection was sitting in a dead external drive…. I decided to buy a thermaltake […]

Choosing “The Right” PHP Framework for SaaS

So many what ifs, features, speed and other consideration go through the mind when mapping out a SaaS app… The last thing I wanted to do was create a bottleneck with the wrong php framework… So what is “the right” php framework…

How to show and hide stuff with AngularJS

Let’s not overthink things… Hiding and showing links, images and other elements is super easy using AngularJS. Show or Hide based on SCOPE Starting with a simple div an default value, Angular can hide or show elements. Below shows a div element that is dependent on a SCOPE property to either show or hide.


Book Review: Getting Real – Build A Successful Web App

Read how Getting Real helped me build a better SaaS web application and why you need to buy this book today!

$10k per month SaaS Membership Challenge

Join me on my journey to $10k per month recurring revenue, read step by step on building SaaS Membership sites for profit.