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I write regularly on iOS app development, membership site development and internet marketing. In order to get introduced to my content, it's best that you pick one and go from there. Do you want to create an awesome iOS app? Create monthly recurring revenue with a membership site? Or generate more traffic leads with internet marketing?

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  • Gearman Stop Restart

    Learn how to quickly stop and restart your Gearman server with just two small command line inputs…

  • kiip-and-cocos2d

    Get the code you need to integrate KiiP reward ads into your Cocos2d game!

  • AppLovin and Cocos2d

    Get the code you need to integrate AppLovin rewarded videos in to your Cocos2d game!

  • MySQL Cheat Sheet

    While coding I tend to write or find great SQL scripts from around the web. Below will be a growing collection of SQL that I have found to be useful, time saving or hard to find. Mostly to save me from having to remember, search again for hours or dig through old bookmarks. If any […]

  • AppKPI App Keyword Optimization

    Need to optimize your app keywords for the iTunes App Store? Learn how you can easily find great keywords using my new service at AppKPI.com

  • It’s about 105 degrees today as I sort through the mountains of junk mail, then… I spot one of those “official” looking notices, you know the kind… So I figure, better safe than sorry and I tear into it… JUNK! I knew it, but then I realized something… Either I received this piece of direct […]

  • In June of 2012, I launched my first game Math Control, an educational game to help kids learn math, under the brand Mega Dino. I plan to keep posting about my game development experience and the overall process of building a game company. If you are making games and want to read more about my […]

  • You ever want to remove a widget from your sidebar but not lose all the data, settings or text… should be able to save your widget data somehow right? The solution was, to register another sidebar called “sandbox”. Now I can drag my widgets that I may show once in a while into the “sandbox” […]

  • Are you stuck in the Cycle of STUPID? You just might be, let me ask you this, have you been building an email list with no sales offer in mind? Are you writing great content day after day and have no idea if you are even going to try to sell anything to your list? […]

  • You want to build an email list like the Pro’s? Then you need aWeber! Whether you run a small business or a small blog, you need a reliable, professional email list service. Without consistent contact with your potential customers, there is no way you will be able to compete for your customers attention very long. […]